See Wats On With WatsApp!!

Everyone knew Facebook had purchased WhatsApp. Facebook could still extend its territory by borrowing a leaf from SnapChat. The messaging app has started working on a new trait which is just to Snapchat stories. This is to redecorate WhatsApp’s status feature, in which folks could soon post videos or images which would disappear within 24 hours of time.


This update was spotted on an iOS beta version of WhatsApp. This was tweeted as an update. There’s also a sequestration settings tab which suggests that WhatsApp might provide its users an option to select who gets to see their disappearing status notes.

It is more obvious that this is not the first time that facebook has acquires snap chat for one of its platforms. Facebook had already peeped story features on INSTA as well. The feature helps users to share multiple images and videos as slideshow slides. These slides are meant to be your own story and fade out in 24 hours.

Snapchat and WhatsApp are the two giant competitors in instant messaging space. Though WhatsApp has a larger user base, snap chat also bowled a huge update in its platform which allows its users to place audio and video calls just as WhatsApp. Moreover, Snapchat has a long way to go climb and catch up with WhatsApp’s billion-plus user base. Hence, Snapchat reported 158 million daily active users at the end of 2017 before organizing its Snap Inc a few weeks formerly.


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