Siri Gets Smarter With Apple’s iOS 11 Software

A recent article on apple’s assistance claimed that Siri is no longer the best assistant on apple iPhone. To have a breakthrough on which apple’s support was claimed to be guilty, apple has come with better ideas on making Siri the best compared to any other assistance.

On June 5th, apple has come up with a decision to put itself in a place where SmartPhone gadgets and other critics claim that Siri has lost its position against its competitors by introducing a voice restrained music speaker.

The rebellions accused that apple is lagging behind the curve on SmartPhones. The technique involved artificial intelligence, this leads the fear to miss the current generation of gadgets that follows the SmartPhones.

Hence apple came up with HomePod which is an extension of the musical heritage. The speaker is empowered with virtual assistance software which is, of course, Siri. It responds to voice commands such as the text messages, news and even control smart devices.

Siri Apple

Apple has revealed that the HomePod which will be released this December also comes with some new software features and upgrades.

The assistance on iPhone operating system is also upgraded with money transfer services that can help user transact cash to one another. Siri is further improved with language translations; apple updates the iMac computers with power boosts that bring virtual reality capabilities.

Apple has come up with a couple of advancements to make it the same as before. And holding its market to the same standard. You could find the upcoming projects interesting, that apple has unveiled on June 5, 2017. Apple has never given away its mark and always tries to be ahead of its rivals.


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